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Poems, stories & songs about Tiree or its people.
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No. Title Outline Author/Singer
1. Land Below the Waves A collection of poems by New Zealand author Julie Leibrich inspired by her visits to Tiree in 1987 and 2001. Julie Leibrich
2. Thistledown A poem recalling the heartache of a young Tiree woman immigrant in Australia. Michele Fermanis-Winward
3. The Sail Weaver A moving imagining of the experiences and innermost thoughts of the author's ancestor, a young woman emigrant from Tiree. Dedicated to people everywhere forced to leave their homes and seek new lives in inhospitable lands. Michele Fermanis-Winward
4. Tea and Tiree The influence of tea on the social history of the British peoples and the role of Tiree mariners in the tea trade. Angus MacKinnon
5. The Island of Tiree A sample of the song The Island of Tiree written and sung by Moira Kerr from her album Celtic Soul. Moira Kerr