The Island of Tiree

written & sung by Moira Kerr
from her album
Celtic Soul

A sample of The Island of Tiree is provided here by kind permission of Moira Kerr. She is a popular Scottish contemporary singer-songwriter with 13 song albums and a video to her credit. In the 16 tracks of Celtic Soul she performs some traditional Scottish songs and some of her own compositions, including The Island of Tiree. The song titles on the album are listed below. Words and music are by Moira Kerr except where stated. .
MacIan of Glencoe
Will ye go, Lassie, go
(also known as Wild Mountain Thyme ) (Traditional)
Where Eagles Fly
Sands of Time
Skye Boat Song
Bravest Heart
Loch Lomond
The Island of Tiree
Flower of Scotland
Mingulay Boat Song
The Dark Island (David Silver/Ian MacLaughlan)
Farewell to Tarwathie (Traditional)
Skye High
Drifting Away

The album, which includes the full version of The Island of Tiree, can be ordered direct from Moira Kerr .