Overseas Cemetery Records

This database records information on the grave sites of people born in the Isle of Tiree who emigrated,died and were buried overseas or off-island in Britain. It records the location of graves and gravestone inscriptions, if any. It may also include brief notes on when and where (i.e. in what township) the emigrants were born, the date of their emigration, and where they settled in their new homeland. The list is updated as new entries are received. New entries are welcome at any time, and should be sent to me at e-mail.

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Discovering the Scotch Cemetery
Brock Township, Ontario, Canada
by Garth M Bray
Brock Township, near the present-day village of Manilla in Ontario, Canada, was settled by Tiree emigrants and is the burial site of nearly 350 of them and their descendants. From available cemetery records and his on-site research during visits to the cemetery and Brock Township Office in 2000 and 2008, together with additional information contributed by a number of Canadian colleagues, Garth Bray has written an outstanding guide, Discovering the Scotch Cemetery. Three appendices follow the text: a copy of the map of cemetery plots hand-drawn by R.A. Purvis before 1915; and two charts that collate all the available data on plot numbers & locations, and the names of people buried in the cemetery. If you are searching for an ancestor buried in the Scotch Cemetery, this is the place to go.
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For a detailed history of Brock Township and later settlements of Tiree emigrants in Ontario, go to Chapter 7 of
They Came from Tiree , by Gene Donald Lamont, on this website.