People born in Tiree and later reported in census or other records as residing elsewhere in the United Kingdom

Emigration is often thought of as leaving home for distant lands on the other side of the world, as was the case for thousands of emigrants from Tiree and other Western Isles. But we shouldn't forget the thousands of Tiree people who emigrated to the United Kingdom mainland, probably for similar reasons and experiencing the same sadness and feeling of isolation as their cousins who emigrated overseas.

Isle of Mull Records
A list of of people born in Tiree who appear in censuses or other records in the Isle Of Mull. There were close links between Tiree and Mull, particularly the Ross of Mull, the tongue of land on the south-west of the island leading to Iona. Like Tiree, the Ross of Mull was part of the Duke of Argyll's estate. Tiree people were given rights to an area of peat bog in the Ross of Mull and visited there in summer to cut and dry peat for transport by boat back to Tiree. The list is maintained by Mull Genealogy and the link is provided with their approval. To connect to the Born-in-Tiree Isle of Mull records, click here [Clicking on a person's name will reveal what other information is on record about that person]. For further information on the history, culture and genealogy of the Isle of Mull go to the Mull Genealogy website here .

1881 Census of Britain
A searchable database listing the names, ages, occupations and dwelling places of people born in Tiree and residing elsewhere in Britain at the time of the 1881 census. To view the data you need Microsoft Excel or Excel Viewer installed on your computer [you can get a free download of Excel Viewer at]. To connect to the 1881 Born-in-Tiree Britain database, click here .