Shipwrecks & Disasters at Sea 1790-1872
Compiled from a list of shipwrecks in The Land Below the Waves, by Donneil Kennedy (no links)
and contributions from other sources (
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Until the building of the Skerryvore lighthouse, wrecks were frequent and sometimes the names of the ships and crew were never known (Donneil Kennedy, 1994).

Year Ship name Details
1790 Rebecca 700 tons, ship lost, crew saved.
1804 Brigand 600 tons, of Nova Scotia, lost off Hough, crew saved.
1804 Unknown brig Lost off Hough, crew saved.
1806 Ellen 900 tons, of Bath, lost off Balephuil, one man drowned.
1809 Mary Brig, lost off Balephuil, crew saved.
1810 Unknown brig of New York, lost off Hynish Point, crew all drowned.
1813 Penelope Sloop, 60 tons, of Wick, lost off Gott Bay, crew saved.
1813 Eugene Sloop, lost off Balephuil, one man drowned.
1814 Betsy Brig, of Leith, lost off Hough, crew saved.
1817 Unknown brig 400 tons, off Kennevara, crew drowned, cargo washed up.
1818 Ben Lomond Sloop, of Greenock, lost off Balephuil, crew all drowned.
1819 Bee Sloop, 60 tons, lost off Hough, crew saved.
1820 Unknown sloop 60 tons, lost in Reef Bay. crew saved.
1820 Masters of Glasgow, 700 tons, founded at Skerryvore, crew saved.
1821 Catherine Sloop, captain lost, crew saved.
1821 Unknown sloop 60 tons, lost off Hough, captain and 3 men drowned.
1825 Dan Sloop, 50 tons, of Campbeltown, captain lost, crew saved.
1828 Delight Sloop, 70 tons, lost.
1828 Unknown schooner of Ireland, 100 tons, lost off Hough, crew saved.
1828 Jane of Sligo, lost off Balephuil.
1829 Van Scapen of Stockholm, 700 tons, lost off Hough, 14 people drowned.
1834 Confidence of Dundee, lost off Hough, crew saved.
1834 Unknown schooner 70 tons, lost, 3 men drowned.
1834 Peggy 500 tons, lost off Beist, crew saved.
1835 Unknown Wrecked on Skerryvore, no survivors.
1841 Majestic 400 tons, of North Shields, foundered off Boinshly Rock.
1842 Fleurs 300 tons, of Liverpool, lost off Kennevara, crew saved.
1842 Unknown North American built ship, flotsam washed ashore at Hynish.
1842 Unknown smack from Barra, 4 bodies washed ashore - 3 adults, 1 child.
1842 Unknown Wreckage in Sound of Coll, candles litter Tiree beaches.
1842 Multiple vessels Severe winter gales, wreckage of a number of vessels and bodies washed ashore.
1843 Formosa Barque, 326 tons, of Prussia, lost off Hough, 2 drowned.
1844 Unknown sloop 70 tons, washed ashore near Hynish.
1847 Rose Fishing boat, of St Monance, Fife, crew saved.
1847 Revolution Fishing boat, of St Monance, Fife, crew saved.
1847 Unknown brig of Ireland, manned by Danes, crew escaped.
1854 Derelict vessel About 500 tons, timber laden, driven ashore on west side of Tiree.
1856 Balephuil disaster Six Tiree fishing boats scattered at sea by a sudden severe gale, 9 men drowned.
1862 Small boat Upset in a squall en route from Tiree to Coll, 2 drowned, 1 saved.
1862 Ruby Derelict ship, apparent Newfoundland sealer, came ashore at Tiree.
1866 Ardmore 795 tons, of Greenock, abandoned off Ireland, wreck drifted ashore at Tiree.
1872 Regina of Liverpool, 500 tons coal, abandoned after storm damage, came ashore at Hynish.