Emigrant Stories
Life stories of individuals or families that emigrated from Tiree and settled in the mainland or in overseas countries.
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No. Title Author
1. Leaving Tiree (the Baldoon settlement in Canada, 1804) Brian Anderson
2. Leaving Home - the Emigration of John Macdonald & his Family to Australia Keith Dash & Barbara Hall
3. John Campbell (1815-1883) Gippsland Times, Australia
(Jean Little)
4. Dr Charles Nicol Macquarie (1861-1937) Adelaide Advertiser, Australia
(Jean Little)
5. Donald Brown (1864-1947) Rockhampton Bulletin, Australia
(Jean Little)
6. Captain Allan MacLean of Tiree, Iona and Shoal Lake, Manitoba Mary MacLean
7. Neil Maclean of Salum, Tiree, and Shoal Lake, Manitoba Mary MacLean
8. Ann MacLean of Salum, Tiree, and Shoal Lake, Manitoba Vickie Anthony Ewing
9. Lachlan McCallum (1823-1903) of Cornaigbeg, Tiree Garth Bray
10. Macdonald and Mackinnon Families (A Biographical Sketch) -
Tiree immigrant families in Canada.
Hugh N Macdonald
(Eugene Quigley)
11. High Hopes of Scottish Emigrants from the Isle of Tiree to the Cape of Good Hope in the Second Half of the 19th Century Gail Röthlin
12. A Pioneer's Story (John Mathewson 1840-1932 in Melbourne, Australia) R N Faulkner
(Anne Courtney & Chrissy Fletcher)
13. Fingon MacKinnon and Christena McLean, from Salum, Tiree to Kincardine, Bruce County Russ McGillivray